August 2, 2006

I was not a happy teenager

Haha, just found this old thing when I was rummaging through the storage closet. I remember making that the summer... I think after 9th grade, or maybe 8th grade. I was always bored out of my mind during the summer, so I cooked up a little project. It's a triangular prism, with the sides & top shown at the bottom. The materials: acrylic paint on pizza boxes -- to, um, signify the dormant transfigurative potentiality of.... well, maybe I just didn't know what the hell else to make it out of. Hey, I was just 14 or 15. I recall not trusting my hand with any sort of paintbrush, so I made a clean cut with a box-cutter or exacto knife wherever you see a line, painted the piece without worry, then replaced it & taped up the inside so it stayed put.

The eyes are kind of cool -- I had one of those flimsy 7" records that came as a promo in some magazine, and there was a strip of vinyl on the other side of the magazine fold (like how paper ads have those annoying bits on the other side), and it was see-through, so I taped that over the eye-holes. On the inside there's a squat, fat tube (pizza box material curled into a cylinder) with a sock stapled around the bottom -- to rest on my head. My head's pretty big, but not that big. But hey, you know what they say about guys with big heads... they must have big brains.

On Halloween, I'd dress up with that thing, play some spooky Residents music, and give the kids a delicious scare. They loved it! Not many kids trick-or-treated then, and almost zero do now. Everyone trick-or-treated when I was little (mid-late '80s), when the crime rate was higher than it's been recently!


  1. i wasn't a happy teen either. i remember being taunted, even severely beaten twice, by my peers to no end because of my geeky personality and appearance but very low intellect. Even the "dumb brutes" who stepped on my head, ripped my shirts to rags, and kept on breaking my glasses had more mental acuity. what a life, i remember so vividly and poignantly. Of course being an adult now you dont get beaten anymore, just ostrasized. i even feel bad for me.

  2. That's a very unique project! My parents would always ship me off to camp during the summer where we always had to do lame crafts like sock puppets. I seem to recall all the kids threw out most of their crafts before they left for home. Who took the picture and what was their reaction?


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