June 3, 2006

YouTube: Pixies and pretty pupils

No porn this weekend. Instead, an appreciation of easygoing, feminine silliness, the eventual erosion of which I described below. A breath of fresh air! The first is a student film video of two pretty Israeli college students doing "Hey" by the Pixies; then a "behind the scenes" clip where you can hear their pretty Hebrew accents; followed by a real music video of the Pixies -- "Here Comes Your Man." A commenter to the "Interns" post below noted that it would be difficult for a typical grad student to get a hot sophomore girl compared to the competition of a rush chair at a big frat. True, but then I'm not going for a girl who'd choose the head Frat Dude -- rather, someone like the girls in the "Hey" video. Enjoy!

"Hey" clip
Behind the scenes of "Hey" clip
Pixies, "Here Comes Your Man"


  1. one of the girls in the hey video is kinda attractive (the one with the smaller jaw and longer bangs).

    i have to say that i'm kind of surprised by the video; girls generally just don't *do* artistically creative things like that, especially on their own[1], and *especially* if they're even reasonably attractive.

    You think about all the internet phenoms -- from the fat guy singing the European song, to the Chinese guys doing the backstreet boys, to Lazy Sunday and all the remixes thereof, to the Grouchy Media stuff, to All Your Base, and so on and so forth -- and the common denominator is that they're all done by guys.

    many explanations for this, but i guess i just have a low opinion in general of the sorts of intellectual products that women produce. there are always a few noethers and melanie woods types, but the operative term is "few".

    [1]Natalie Portman for example would never have thought up that gangsta rap skit without Andy Sandberg and Chris Parnell...

  2. In agreement with Anonymous, one of the girls (on the right in the beginning of the behind the scenes video) is noticeably more attractive.

    Re: comments about artistically creative stuff... I'm vacillating whether I agree with you there or not. Girls I know tend to do artistic things -- But the rationale for doing them seems to lean towards doing art for "therapeutic" or "existential" purposes rather than the more obvious reasons for male activity (ie, "attract a mate").

    Another thing worth considering is that this was (apparently) an assignment -- I've seen any number of things like this in classes. I'd also debate whether it's "artistically creative" to lipsync and "dance" to a song.


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