May 23, 2006

g and Creativity

Over at GNXP, I just posted a brief review of the relationship between g and creativity. Boring short answer: it's necessary no matter the creative field, and more g always helps, though other factors are necessary as well.

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  1. I posted comment at gnxp On Jewish IQ regarding creativity and g by using analogy of basket ball players vs height. After my post, I knew there would be a lot of debates on such subject.

    I believe creativity depend on many factors. As to how many factors, how important are they, are worth further investigation. g is obviously one of them. However, initiative is another important factor recogniziable. You can notice behavior of people who take initiative in daily life. On initiative, Africans are on the top. You often noticed they often ask questions in class room more than others. NE Asians are the worst in term of initiave as demonstrated most quiet people in class room. NE Asians by nature are reactive not intiative. They only respond to challenge.

    So it is not surprise that Africans are most creative. However, high caliber or quality of creativity like Einstan need not only initiative but also g. Here, g come into play for such high caliber creativity.

    So best way to tab into NE Asians talent is to throw challenge to them. As Bill Gate did with his research lab in China, result is quite impresive.


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