January 24, 2006

Elite male designers

The 24 male designers I found at least as influential as the 9 women in the post above: Cardin, Dior (PG), Saint-Laurent (G), Ellis (G), Gautier (G), Armani (G), Versace (G), Tom Ford (G), Klein, Lauren, Miyake, Yamamoto, Galliano (G), Slimane, McQueen (G), Balenciaga (PG), Dolce & Gabbana (G; counted only once), Lagerfeld (G), Helmut Lang, Givenchy, Chalayan, Valentino (G), Alaïa, Poiret. "G" indicates openly gay, "PG" probably gay. I chose them based on overall contributions -- for example, I excluded gay male designer Roger Vivier, credited with inventing the omnipresent stiletto heel.

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